Krunch Kreative



Krunch Kreative is the exciting music initiative set up by Krunch and supported by South Gloucestershire Council’s Positive Activities Fund. It is designed to give opportunities for young people to enjoy playing music together and eventually even perform in front of others.

Musicians and singers of any ability between the ages of 11 and 25 are welcome to come along to Krunch Kreative music rehearsal sessions, which will culminate in a ‘Krunch Kreative Jam’.

So what is a ‘jam’? A jam is what we call musicians and singers hooking up and performing together, often without prior rehearsal. This could be playing well known songs, or even improvising in an agreed key. Jamming builds self confidence and inspires musicians to experiment and develop. At a jam there could be an audience present but unlike a concert or a ‘gig’, the audience isn’t the focus. A jam is run for the enjoyment and benefit of the participating musicians – if others turn up and love what they hear, everyone goes away happy!

Krunch Kreative sessions are run by Krunch’s experienced youth workers and musicians. During these sessions the participants can choose tracks from a comprehensive set list of a variety of musical styles, with the aim of learning some songs to jam together.

Musicians/singers will be able to get together with other musicians to work on their arrangements and receive expert guidance and advice. All musicians and singers are welcome… Just bring your instrument and/or your voice!

‘Peter has thoroughly enjoyed these sessions. It has been great to see his enthusiasm for music restored and be given the opportunity to ‘enjoy music’ within fun but challenging sessions. Thank you so much for the opportunity and for your support. It’s great.’

‘James came along slightly nervous boy who struggled to join groups of children he didn’t know. Krunch has gone a long way to build his confidence – the adults actively encourage free thinking and always encourage , encourage, encourage.’

 ‘An absolutely fabulous evening at Krunch. The confidence and support they give the children turns slightly nervous kids into rock stars in 5 short weeks. Thank you Krunch and see you next time.’

Please feel free to get in touch for any more information by emailing


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